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High Voltage Ceramic Plates for Mass Spectrometers for the Instrumentation Industry

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At INTA Technologies, our advanced knowledge of ceramic materials is one of the fundamental elements of our success. When combined with our manufacturing engineering expertise, we are able to provide high-performance solutions for technology-forward applications.

The high voltage ceramic plate pictured here is one of several we have built for use in mass spectrometry applications. Constructed from 96% alumina, we produced this 110 x 60 x 3 mm component to within precise ± 0.1 mm tolerances.

Utilizing a screen printer to apply thick film molybdenum-manganese inks, specially formulated to provide high bond strength, we fired the plate in a high temperature, atmosphere-controlled furnace to produce a high voltage, electrically conductive surface. A nickel plating was also applied to protect the molybdenum. Inside our clean room facility, we inspected the plates using precision test, measuring, and analytic instruments to verify component integrity, then packaged and shipped them to the customer.

INTA continues to supply these components at the rate of 5,000 units per year. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities and highly developed metallization techniques enable us to provide brazed assemblies that are helium leak tight to 1e-9 mbar*l/s or better, enabling them to perform 100% reliably in critical scientific applications.

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Highlights of this Ceramic Metallization, Plating, and Brazing Project

Product Description High Voltage Ceramic Plates for Mass Spectrometers
Ceramic Metallization, Plating, &
Brazing Capabilities
Ceramic Metallization, Plating, Brazing
Machining, Grinding, Cleaning, Packaging
Equipment Used to Manufacture
Screen Printers, Atmosphere Controlled Furnaces, Plating Line, Clean Room
Overall Part Dimensions Part Thickness: 110mm X 60mm X 3mm
Tightest Tolerances ± 0.1 mm
Material Used Alumina 96%
Plating Finish MoMn - Ni
In process testing/inspection performed 100%
Industry for Use Mass Spectrometry
Volume 5,000 per Year
Delivery/Turnaround Time 400 per Month
Delivery Location Northern California
Product Name High Voltage Ceramic Plate
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