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Ceramic Metallization Services

Ceramic Metallization
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Ceramic Metallization

Ceramic metallization by INTA Technologies produces industrial products with exceptionally strong bond strengths. Our thick film metallization inks utilize a Moly-Manganese (MoMn) refractory formula that is designed for oxide ceramic substrates. Metallizing materials include a variety of precious metals.

Producing products that are intended for use in vacuum electron devices, bio-compatible implantable devices, and lasers we apply the inks through screen or roll printing, hand painting, air brush spraying, immersion, centrifugal coating or needle painting. In a hydrogen/nitrogen controlled atmosphere, the inks are fired onto the substrate at temperatures ranging from 1300 to 1500°C. Our equipment can handle parts with a maximum diameter of 16" and maximum height of 30". Metallized ceramic parts have peel strength of 20 to 50 lbs. and our parts are fully tested to ensure compliance with all applicable specifications and industry standards.

To learn more about all of our advanced capabilities, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Ceramic Metallization Capabilities

Applications Screen Printing
Roll Printing
Hand Painting
Air Brush Spraying
Centrifugal Coating
Needle Painting
Metallizing Characteristics/Benefits Reduce Waste
Reduce Cost
High Reliability
Inks Thick Film Metallization
Refractory Formulation Moly-Manganese (MoMn)
Metallizing Materials Precious Metals
Substrate Materials for Metallizing Oxide Ceramic
Temperature 1300 to 1500 °C
Atmosphere Hydrogen
Peel Strength 20 to 50 lbs
Maximum Part Diameter 16 in
Maximum Part Height 30 in
Testing Capabilities ASTM F 19-64 (Tension and Vacuum)
ASTM F 44-95 (Metallized Surfaces on Ceramic)
MIL STD 883 (Microcircuits)
Hegman Gauge Test
Viscometry, Density
Production Volume 1 to 10,000,000
Prototype to Production
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Additional Information

Industry Focus Medical & Life Science
Aerospace & Military
Green Energy
Power Generation
Analytical Instruments
Machine Shops and Etching Companies
Electronics & Semiconductor
Lasers & Sound
Telecommunications, RF, X-Ray & Microwave
Oil & Gas
Vacuum Applications & Other
Intended Applications Vacuum Electron Device
Bio-Compatible Implantable Devices
Industry Standards AS 9100-C Certified
ISO 9001:2008 Certified
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