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Silver Plating on a Copper Wedge Rotor for the Automotive Industry

Our New Fully Automated Plating Line.
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Our New Fully Automated Plating Line.

INTA Technologies saw the opportunity to help bring manufacturing back to California when approached by an automaker that needed quality plating services. The automakers current Taiwanese supplier was not able to provide them with the precision plating that they required. This problem was further exacerbated by the inherent logistical constraints and tariffs.

The automaker challenged INTA to produce 60,000 silver plated copper components per week, with daily deliveries, and to meet their stringent quality requirements. The parts they required were designed for use on the rotor of an electric motor, with dimensions of 32mm X 27mm X 4mm, and a plated thickness of 15 microns (±5 microns), per ASTM B700.

Within few days, INTA had developed a plan which would increase production capacity to the high volume that this project demanded, as well as stringent quality measures to ensure customer satisfaction. In a few weeks, INTA had designed and built customized racks, expanded the silver plating line, added more staff and one additional shift. Their efforts translated into increased production capacity to 120, 000 blocks per week.

Today, INTA Technologies has become their primary supplier of silver plated rotor wedges, managing a supply chain of 6 Million wedges per year, with shipments of more than 20,000 wedges per day. To learn more about this project, or the processes used to complete it, see the table below or contact INTA directly.

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Highlights of this Silver Plating Automotive Project:

Product Description Silver plated copper wedge assembled into the rotor on an electric motor
Plating Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Silver Plating

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Customized Racks, Fully Automated Plating Line
Overall Part Dimensions Plating Thickness: 15 microns
Part Thickness: 32mm X 27mm X 4mm
Tightest Tolerances ±5 microns
Material Used Silver
Plating Finish Silver Per ASTM B700
In process testing/inspection performed AQL Sampling
Industry for Use Automotive
Volume 6,000,000 per Year
Delivery/Turnaround Time 20,000 per Day
Delivery Location Northern California
Product Name Copper Rotor, Wedge
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