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Precision CNC Machining & Plating of a Copper Tungsten Heatsink for the Aerospace Industry

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At INTA Technologies, we specialize in providing our customers with precision machined components in a wide range of materials. The project highlighted here is composed of copper tungsten, and designed for an aerospace application. This composite metal exhibits excellent thermal conductivity, making it an ideal choice for close-tolerance parts that are exposed to high temperatures and other extreme conditions.

Copper tungsten poses various machining challenges, however at INTA Technologies we have worked closely with defense industry engineers to develop processes that produce finish qualities that meet their performance objectives.

Produced in quantities of one million per year, it is critical that these devices operate reliably when exposed to the extreme stresses found in military applications. We source high quality 90/10 CuW from a trusted vendor, and machine the 5 mm x 6 mm x .75 mm parts with precision CNC equipment. The required Nickel and gold plating is applied with our unique and innovative chemical processes that produce an impenetrable, RF hardened, and long lasting finish. These advanced processes have earned us a worldwide reputation as a leader in the field of CuW plating.

At each step, ultra precise inspection and metrology equipment is used to verify that we maintain the required dimensional tolerances ± 0.02 mm, and uniform plating thicknesses of 1 micron. Reliable communication equipment is vital in military applications and our expertise in material sciences and plating technologies enables us to meet the high standards our partners in the aerospace industry expect.

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Highlights of this CNC Machining & Plating Aerospace Heatsink Project:

Product Description This heat sink is used on a aerospace application.
CNC Machining Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Material Procurement
CNC Milling

Nickel Plating
Gold Plating
Laser Etching
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Fabrication Tools
  • CNC Machining Center
  • 5 Axis CNC Mill
  • Hand Tools
Dimension Measurement Components
  • CMM
  • Optical Microscope
  • Microscope with Polarized Light Capability
  • Gauges
  • Digital Calipers
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 5mm
Width: 6mm
Height: 0.75mm
Tightest Tolerances ± 0.02mm
Material Used Copper Tungsten (10 - 90)
Material Finish Nickel Plated
  • Min. Thickness: 1 micron
Gold Plated
  • Min. Thickness: 1 micron
Smoothness: 0.4 RA
In process testing/inspection performed CMM Inspection, Dimensional Inspection, Gage Inspection
Oxford Instruments XRF Device: used to test plating thickness
40x Visual Inspection
High Temperature Bake Test
Industry for Use Aerospace Industry
Volume 1 Million per Year
Delivery/Turnaround Time 6 Weeks
Delivery Location North America, Europe
Product Name Heatsink
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